The Pros & Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

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Beautiful, dark, luscious, long lashes... the dream of many a person, the reality of a fortunate few. How to achieve those natural lashes when you're not naturally blessed is a question that many ask themselves. Is mascara enough, or having your eyelashes tinted or wearing false lashes when you need to? For some, no, and that's where semi-permanent lashes enter the equation. And while the trend has become very common amongst those in the public eyes, there are those who might still have questions and concerns about the safety, cost, comfort and process of getting eyelash extensions.

How do eyelash extensions work?

Having eyelash extensions is part of an intricate process, hence the tendency towards it being quite costly. When you arrive in a salon, you should ask a technician to talk to you about the different options: the three main ones are fibre, length, and curl type. You'll want to pick your option based on a number of factors, including your natural lash and your the style and aesthetics that you tend to embrace.

** The Pros**

1) You get to walk around with perfect lashes, those you wish you had been born with, or regain something you had when you were younger

2) You don't have to wear mascara or go through the process of putting on false lashes

3) Lashes can make your eyes look bigger and your general appearance younger, as lashes tend to thin and become more sparse with age

4) You can go about wearing generally less makeup, as the lashes give your face a more complete look

The Cons

1) Eyelash extension can be quite expensive. A full starter set should set you back about £80 to £150, depending on the type of lashes you want and the technician you go to

2) There's also a touch-up cost and you will need to spend around £70 every few weeks to maintain your gorgeous false lashes

3) Be careful. You don't want to go to places that charge less and end up giving you clustered lashes. When lashes are clustered, they have been pre-glued together and can be very heavy. This means that they destroy your natural lashes

4) Even individual lahes can have a negative effect on your natural lashes if you're getting eyelash extensions all the time, so maybe think about only having eyelash extensions for special occasions or make sure you are careful

5) You can get infections like conjuctivitis from false lashes. It's not a case that once you have them done, you're done. They will need upkeep and to be regularly cleaned


Overall, though, if you want natural, luscious lashes, no falsies or mascara are going to be able to give you the look that eyelash extension do. So, remember to be aware of the cons, do your research into the technician helping you and if you're still not sure it's worth it, then there's always the future.