What Does Your Perfume Say About You?

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You might have heard that your sense of smell is strongly linked to memory. This is partly because, at the time of our birth, the part of the brain that responds to smell is empty and so we then have to learn our response to the smells and scents in the world around us as we grow up and experience them. This means that there can be a deeply attached psychological connection between who we are as a person and the types of smells and scents we are drawn to.

So, when it comes to perfume, what can it do for us?

1) Boost confidence

2) Enhance mood

3) Make you feel more attractive

4) Make you more attractive

5) Trigger memories

6) Reduce stress

7) Increase alertness

All good reasons to consider having a signature perfume or fragrance. That said, if you're having trouble working out what perfume you think is most you and what you want your perfume to suggest about you, we've put together a quick, handy guide:

Sweet: The person who wears a sweet perfume can be someone with a sweet tooth, or someone who is denying themselves their sweet tooth. They enjoy being tucked up and cosy with a cup of hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. They also have a more extroverted side. They can be cheeky and bubbly, but also quite wild. Vanilla, after all, has long been thought of as a psychogenic aphrodisiac.

Citrus: The person who most enjoys wearing a citrusy perfume is one who is modern, a sporty morning person. They may also be very interested in their own health and wellbeing as they could be subconsciously drawn to citruses for their therapeutic benefits. Citrus can be both refreshing and calming and, according to a study by Northumbria University, the scent of lemon balm can improve both mood and cognitive performance.

Fruity: The person who like a fruity scent is fun, flirtatious and extroverted. Whether clubbing until dawn or volunteering to help rescue dogs, you can bet they'll put a lot of energy into everything they do, and they'll bring laughs and bluesky thinking with them as they do so.

**Herbs: ** The person who wants to smell green and herby is often someone who manages to tread a good line between sophisticated and down to earth. They may be a lot of fun, and have a tendency towards being more mature and calm, but they are also the sort of people who like to add a bit of drama to their lives.

Floral: Now, is there a difference between those who like roses and those who like gardenias? What about the difference between lilac and lavender? Of course, but overall, the person who likes a floral scent is fond of having a more classic and elegant appearance. With a steely nature underneath it all, they're the perfect host and an ideal friend.

Woody: The person who like woody scents is not someone to be messed with. Slightly androgynous, effortlessly cool, perhaps a bit edgy, they are determined to live life by their own rules. Some of them may like the slight pagan, earthy associations with wood, while others like the fact it reminds them of gardens on the mediterranean or their holidays in the forests of Corsica.

Spiced: The person who likes spiced, deep scents is a deep thinker and world traveller. They are sexy, sensual and confident in themselves. It doesn't mean they don't have a blazing temper, but they rarely lose it. Still, if you let yourself not be intimidated by them, you might find them to be the most interesting person at the party.

There you have it. A not so scientific run-down about the stereotypes associated with each perfume type. Did we get you wrong? Apologies - keep doing you and loving the perfume you love. If, however, you're still stuck for your signature fragrance, check out our fragrances tab to find your personalised beauty suggestion as to perfume and more!